Save $400 on customizable e-bikes from Electric Bike Co., portable power stations, more | Electrek

Right now you can customize one of these Electric Bike Co. e-bikes at up to $400 off as we head into the weekend. The savings come joined by this ALLPOWERS R600 portable power station at $168, as well as this ongoing launch discount for the new Juiced Scrambler X2 e-bike at $400 off.

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Save $400 on customizable e-bikes from Electric Bike Co., portable power stations, more | Electrek

Electric Bike Co. has already begun its holiday sales for the month of December, currently taking up to $400 off a selection of its e-bike models, like the Model Y Purple Pearl e-bike for $1,999 shipped. Down from its usual $2,399 price tag, today’s deal is one of the biggest markdowns amongst the brand’s e-bikes, landing among some of the lowest prices we have tracked. You’ll also find a similar discount on the Model Y Barbie e-bike as well, with other pre-painted e-bikes of the same model remaining at their MSRPs. Keep in mind, this brand is well known for its customization options – even the paint job – meaning prices may change based on how you wish to upgrade your e-bike.

The Model Y e-bike comes with a 750W motor and a 12Ah battery that is able to propel it to top speeds of 20 to 28 MPH for a travel range up to 40 miles on a single charge. It offers five levels of pedal assistance with varying speeds and mileage, with a choice between a 12 mag cadence sensor or a torque sensor. It also features puncture-resistant tires, integrated front and rear safety lights, hand stitched vegan leather grips, fenders, a rear rack and front basket for cargo, and an LCD color display that offers real-time metrics like speed, distance, battery level, pedal assistance levels, and even the outside temperature, with a USB charging port as well.

Amazon is offering the ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station for $168 shipped. Down from its $249 price tag, this power station has only seen a handful of discounts over the course of the year, with the biggest among them being back from October’s Prime Deal Days. It was also surprisingly absent from any major price cuts during Thanksgiving Weekend sales. Today’s deal comes in as a 33% markdown off the going rate, beating out its previous discounts and landing as a new all-time low by $1.

Built around LiFePO4 battery cells with a 299Wh capacity and a 600W output, this power station is able to power up to eight essential devices simultaneously with a stable 110V. With its two ACs, two USB-As, two USB-Cs, one cigarette lighter, and one wireless charger, this device will be able to meet all your needs while you’re on the road or out in the wilds. It fully charges within one hour via a wall outlet, or can be charged with up to 400W of solar input or by means of your car’s cigarette lighter which takes several hours longer.

Juiced Bikes today is launching its new Scrambler X2. While you can read all about what’s new over in our coverage, but now we’re ready to talk all about the savings on this all-new debut. The Scrambler X2 e-bike now sells for $1,499 shipped as a special launch promotion, dropping down from its usual $1,899 price tag. We’re expecting to see the new e-bike return to this price before long, so jump on those $400 in savings while you can. It’s of course the very first discount and a new all-time low, too. There’s four different colors available and below the fold we break down just how those savings stack up for your new off-road ride.

The new Juiced Scrambler X2 arrives as a second-generation version of the mini-bike design that launched a few years back. Now, the company notes that it is “back and better than ever!” And the specs are backing up that claim. This boxy Class 3 e-bike comes centered around a 1,000W motor that’s backed by a 52V 15.6Ah battery with an 811Wh capacity. That should mean you’re looking at 55 miles of range on a single charge with top speeds clocking in around 28 MPH – so surely nothing to sneeze at. There’s some other add-ons to the unique design like front suspension, all-terrain knobby tires, and an oversized headlamp that fully sell the aesthetic of the Scrambler X2.

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine.

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Save $400 on customizable e-bikes from Electric Bike Co., portable power stations, more | Electrek

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